New York Solar Energy Society Calls for Feed-in Tariffs

By Paul Gipe


The New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES) has sent out an action alert calling on its members to support Senate Bill S2715A, the New York Renewable Energy Sources Act. The bill was introduced by State Senator Antoine M. Thompson (D-Buffalo), Chair of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation.

NYSES’ alert includes 14 talking points that explain why New York state needs renewable energy now and how feed-in tariffs will make it happen.

Previously, the New York State Solar Energy Industry Association (NYSEIA) had called for action on feed-in tariffs in support of Senator Thompson’s bill. See New York SEIA Calls for Feed-in Tariffs.

Both Florida’s SEIA and California’s SEIA have called for various versions of feed-in tariffs in their respective states.

Neither the American Solar Energy Society nor the national Solar Energy Industries Association has explicitly called for feed-in tariffs. Recently, however, the Solar Alliance, a trade association of solar PV manufacturers and developers, posted its policy in support of feed-in tariffs. See Solar Alliance Position Paper on Feed-in Tariffs.

NYSES’ campaign for feed-in tariffs in the Empire State is being led by Wyldon Fishman, the founder and current president of NYSES.