New Cultural Icons of Tehachapi Wind Turbines: Henry’s Cafe

By Paul Gipe

While visiting Tehachapi, my wife Nancy Nies, introduced me to a new restaurant because of its wind theme.

I don’t live in Tehachapi anymore, having moved to Bakersfield three decades ago. So we periodically take the opportunity to make the trek up the mountain for a few nights away from Bakersfield heat.

While I’ve been off backpacking in the wilderness, Nancy has been exploring Tehachapi. She found Henry’s Cafe and told me it was a must see because of its wind theme.

Indeed. She was right. Henry’s Cafe has wind turbines on its menus, on its promotional cards, and on the walls, all reflecting the importance of wind turbines and the wind industry to Tehachapi’s cultural as well as economic life.

I’ve been collecting cultural icons of wind turbines for decades now. Wind turbine images have become so commonplace I hardly pay much attention to them. But breakfast at Henry’s forced me to get out my camera, take a few shots, and add them to my cultural icon pages under Tourism, Boosterism, & Local Identity.