Never a Dull Moment–Shooting on the Bike Path at 6.25 am

By Paul Gipe

Yep, can’t make this stuff up. No one would believe you.

Riding the bike path this morning and I saw a car parked at the river’s edge pointed into the river. Three people were running up the bank of the levee where the bike path is located. I rang my bell and passed them by.

Hey, it’s 6.25 am. I am riding hard, probably at 15 mph. It’s odd, but not that odd considering its Bako. It’s California. It’s the USA. By the time my brain would kick in I would be hundreds of yards away. Besides, I am on a schedule. I am on the clock.

You see everything on the bike path: homeless  with their carts, pelotons of hardcore cyclists on a power ride, homeless down in the middle of the bike path, walkers, joggers, recumbents, and more. You even come across the occasional cop car. . .

Today was different. Within a few minutes I’d reached my return point and then I heard them. A string of cop cars on intersecting roads with their sirens wailing and their lights flashing and, oh shit, they’re turning right onto the bike path. One stops, yells out the window at me. Tell them up ahead to turn around.

Great. I’d been riding hard and now I have some civic duty to perform. The cop had no idea I really didn’t want to ride any further.

Oh well, got in a 15 miler today as I rode on and warned people of a “major police action up ahead.”

A half hour later I return and the cop cars were strung out along the bike path so I rode through the nearby car park. A rider told me there had been a shootout and one was dead.

However, it was even more interesting than just another gang shooting. A businessman chased some burglars onto the bike path and along the river. He shot at them, hitting one. No one dead–yet.

Who knows what I’ll see tomorrow.