National Audubon and Environmental Entrepreneurs Support Feed-in Tariffs

By Paul Gipe


Positive mention of feed-in tariffs as a valuable policy tool for developing renewable energy by E2 and the National Audubon Society indicates that the idea, once marginalized, has now become main stream.



In setting out its priorities for 2009, Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) is calling for an increase in distributed generation in California through a feed-in tariff.

Calling itself the “independent business voice for the environment”, E2 is an influential spinoff from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

The brief mention on E2’s web site is the first time that an affiliate of NRDC has publicly called for a feed-in tariff.



In a year end op-ed, the president of the National Audubon Society, John Flicker, outlined the environmental and energy issues confronting the nation and what should be done about them. Flicker, a former Florida state director of the Nature Conservancy, called for policies to increase clean source of electricity, including feed-in tariffs.

“To increase the supply of clean electricity, we need to pay private entrepreneurs a fair price to produce it. This can be achieved through subsidies such as the Production Tax Credit, or by requiring utilities to buy clean electricity at a price that guarantees a return on investment. Congress will likely consider extending the Production Tax Credit when it convenes, and several states are now looking at “feed-in tariff” laws, which would require local utilities to pay a fair price for clean electricity. They would then pass the cost on to consumers.”

The National Audubon Society is the US’ premier bird protection organization.