Movie Madness: New Additions to Cultural Icons–Wallpaper, Quilts, and More

A few decades ago a theme–or meme in today’s parlance–among wind energy aficionados was movies or TV shows that included scenes of wind turbines. We dubbed the theme Movie Madness.

As a spinoff from that I began collecting images of wind turbines as cultural icons. I thought I’d seen it all–from beer coasters to tattoos. (Yes tattoos too.)

This episode began when Nancy attended a quilt show. Yep, she found a quilt featuring wind turbines.

See Quilts under my Cultural Icons Featuring Wind Turbines page.

Nancy plans to remodel our kitchen. Naturally she’s searching for just the right decor, beginning with wallpaper. Oy Vey, she found a slew of home decor items on a wind theme, including wallpaper, fabric, placemats, flanged throw pillows, tea towels, bedspreads, and table runners. Who knew?

See Home Decor.

Now you have the perfect gift for that special wind person in your life.

As much as the anti-wind forces try they haven’t stopped the flow of products and cultural icons that celebrate the arrival of modern wind energy. They are on the wrong side of history as these products prove.