Massachusetts Small Wind Report

By Paul Gipe

Consultants to the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative have issued a damning report on the performance of small wind turbines installed under the MTC’s subsidy program.

Summary of Findings from the Cadmus Report

“The average production for the 19 existing small wind turbines highlighted in the progress briefing is less than one-third of the average production projected by installers, with a range of ratios varying from 2 percent to 59 percent of estimated production.”

Bottom Line

“MTC is now considering program changes to the Small Renewables Initiative that will apply to future small wind projects. MTC expects that these program changes will be announced in late summer, 2008.

As a result of the information outlined in the following small wind progress briefing, MTC believes that it is in the best interest of the small wind community for MTC to stop accepting applications from new, small wind projects. . . .”


For those who follow the continuing saga of the over-rated Air X, the findings are sobering. “Finally, the worst performing systems currently in operation are two Southwest AirX turbines. These small battery charging turbines are producing at only an average capacity factor of 1%.”