Mariah In the Running for Worst Small Turbine Install

By Paul Gipe

You have to give them credit, small turbine manufacturers are a competitive lot, especially small VAWT suppliers. They are tripping over themselves to see who can win the award for worst turbine install.

Mariah has upped the ante on Helix by installing several of its Windspires at an Adobe office complex in San Jose, California.

You have to see the photos to marvel at the ingenuity.

Who will be next? How will they top this? Let the competition continue.

For those of us who write books about how to use wind energy most effectively (Woofenden, Sagrillo, and others), these installs are giving us a grand opportunity to observe VAWTs installed in purported “wind funnels” in action–or in “inaction” may be more appropriate.

May the best competitor win.