Jesla (Tesla) Mobile Charge Cable Stolen

By Paul Gipe

We returned from a short holiday to find someone had stolen some minor stuff from our Chevy Volt, including 20-year old cloth shopping bags! But they also walked off with our Jesla mobile charge cable. If you see this for sale anywhere, please contact me immediately. This is an expensive piece of gear and it is only of use to someone with a non-Tesla EV.

The Jesla is a Tesla MC cable with a J1772 head. The EVSE says Tesla on it and it comes in a black, zippered bag with several adapters. This is a premium EVSE and is quite a blow to find it stolen. Here are the pertinent details.

Jesla (Tesla MC)

S/N: T15A0000872

P/N 1015786-99-B

There should be four adapters and a small padlock and an instruction sheet.

For more photos of what this is and how it is used see Jesla High-Power Mobile Charge Cable (EVSE) for EVs.

Paul Gipe

661 325 9590