Japan Installs 3,700 MW of New Renewables within First Year

By Paul Gipe

Feed-in Tariff Program Supercharges Solar Installations

Japan has installed 3,700 MW of new renewables under its aggressive feed-in tariffs during the first year of the program’s operation.

Solar photovoltaics (solar PV) accounted for nearly all, 3,500 MW, of the new renewables capacity. At this pace, Japan will rival Germany for annual solar PV installations. Germany also uses a feed-in tariff.

Since the start of the feed-in tariff program, Japan has added two-thirds as much solar PV has had been installed during the past decade.

With the addition of the new capacity, solar PV has reached 9,100 MW in Japan.

Development of other renewable technologies lags that of solar PV because of the lengthy permitting process in Japan compared to that for solar PV.

Japan FiT by June 2013.pdf