Japan FIT Installations Roar Into 2014

By Paul Gipe

8,200 MW of feed-in tariff (FIT) contracted projects have been installed in Japan from a total of nearly 600,000 installations since the program when into effect in mid 2012. The Japanese accomplishment demonstrates the incredible pace possible when a nation makes the commitment to do so and uses FITs as the policy of choice.

The data was contained in a summary by the Japanese Renewable Energy Foundation.

6,200 MW were installed in 2013 alone, predominantly solar photovoltaics (solar PV) in projects greater than 10 kW.

There are 41,000 MW of contracted capacity, mostly non-residential solar PV, awaiting development, double the amount of renewable energy generating capacity installed in Japan in the two decades prior to the launch of the country’s aggressive FIT policy.

Contracted capacity includes 1,000 MW of wind and nearly 1,000 MW of biomass projects.