Italian Groups: 8,000 MW PV in Five Years

By Paul Gipe


Three Italian trade associations have called on the government to update its system of solar PV feed-in tariffs to install 8,000 MW of new capacity by 2015.

Italy currently has some of the most lucrative feed-in tariffs for solar PV in the world, but a complex and occasionally corrupt bureaucracy has slowed installations.

Nevertheless, Italy remains one of the world’s leading solar PV markets outside Germany, Spain, Japan, and the US. At the end of 2008 Italy operated 428 MW of solar PV and the trade press is reporting that total installed capacity could top 900 MW by year end 2009.

In a November 12, 2009 statement, the associations proposed to the government a new program of feed-in tariffs that would remain in effect for a minimum of five years and install-at a minimum-8,000 MW of PV between 2011-2015. This represents one of the most aggressive targets of any solar industry trade association in the world outside Germany, Spain, and Canada.

The Canadian Solar Energy Industry Association (CanSIA) has proposed that Ontario generate 10% of its 150 TWh per year demand with solar PV or the equivalent of 15,000 MW under Ontario conditions.

For comparison, the Italian proposal is significantly more than the California Solar Initiative (3,000 MW) even after accounting for Italy’s much greater population.

The associations have also proposed specific reductions in the current tariffs to better reflect current market conditions.

Italy’s Mediterranean climate has about 50% more insolation than Ontario and much of the northeastern US.

Ground-mounted Systems

  • 1-6 kW: €0.365/kWh ($0.54 USD/kWh)
  • 6-20 kW: €0.339/kWh ($0.50 USD/kWh)
  • 20-200 kW: €0.313/kWh ($0.46 SUD/kWh)
  • 200-1,000 kW: €0.304/kWh ($0.45 USD/kWh)
  • >1,000 kW: €0.297/kWh ($0.44 USD/kWh)

Rooftop Systems

  • 1-6 kW: €0.401/kWh ($0.59 USD/kWh)
  • 6-20 kW: €0.375/kWh ($0.56 USD/kWh)
  • 20-200 kW: €0.330/kWh ($0.49 USD/kWh
  • 200-1,000 kW: €0.323/kWh ($0.48 USD/kWh)
  • >1,000 kW: €0.315/kWh ($0.47 USD/kWh)

Joint Proposal for New Feed-in Tarffs in Support of the Photovoltaic Industry