Irish Minister of Energy Announces Microgeneration Net Tariff

By Paul Gipe


by Paul Gipe On February 26, 2009, Irish Minister of Energy Eamon Ryan announced introduction of a “net” tariff for microgenerators, including small wind turbines.

While this has been widely reported in the press as a “feed-in tariff” for small wind turbines and solar PV systems, it is not a true feed-in tariff. It was for this reason that I didn’t post any information on it originally.

I did not report on it or include it because it is not a true feed-in tariff or what some in the Anglophone world call a “gross” feed-in tariff. “Net” feed-in tariffs are almost universally found only in the Anglophone world of which Ireland is a part. Such a tariff is paid only on the “excess” generation delivered to the grid and as such is typically ineffective.

The tariff of €0.19/kWh is paid only on “excess generation” and is applicable to only 4,000 units in the pilot program.

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