How to Use Android Auto on the Chevy Bolt

By Paul Gipe

I haven’t had trouble using Android Auto, but others have. Here are some simple instructions that seem to work for me.

1. Download and install the app on your Android phone. Note that you have to open the app and page through all the warnings and you have to accept the terms of use or it won’t work. Google is always updating the apps on your phone and this includes Android Auto (AA). This resets the app and you have to start over by opening the app and agreeing to the terms of use all over again. This happened to me when researching this article and this could be source of people’s problems with the app.

2. Go into the car’s personalization settings and be sure that AA is turned on.

3. Plug the phone into a USB port. You can do this before you turn the car on or after the car has been started.

4. AA should load automatically, if not tap the app to turn it on. Sometimes when it hasn’t worked right off the bat, I unplug the phone from the USB port and try again. This seems to work by starting the app again. GM’s manual also suggests pressing and holding the “Home” button on the central console to load AA. I am not familiar with this function and haven’t used it.

5. You may have to swipe up on the phone while the car’s at rest to make it active. (This doesn’t seem to always be necessary.)

6. Wait. It takes a few seconds for the app to load and then to communicate with the car’s computer and talk to the big Google in the sky. You should see something on the car’s central monitor. Note that GM’s manual warns that some USB cables won’t work with the Bolt. If AA doesn’t work, try another USB cable. (I haven’t had this problem.) GM also suggests that if AA doesn’t open, go to the home screen and tap the AA icon to open the app.

If you think the app has loaded but you don’t see anything, try this.

Select the “Icon” symbol at the top left of the screen. It’s the second symbol in from the left. See below. It looks like a circle with four dots.

This brings up the Icon screen. There will be icons for Audio, Phone, Projection, Settings, Gallery, and OnStar. If AA is loaded it will appear here as well. Select the AA icon. The screen will then switch to AA. 

Once AA is running you can go to the AA home screen and choose your function, such as, Google mapping.

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