Greece New Rooftop PV Tariff Best in Europe

By Paul Gipe


The Greek government announced this summer a new feed-in tariff for rooftop solar PV. The tariff, €0.55/kWh ($0.873 CAD/kWh, $0.751 USD/kWh) is among the highest small rooftop solar PV tariffs in all of Europe, rivaling that in Switzerland and France.

According to the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (HELAPCO) the tariff is restricted to rooftop installations less than 10 kW. And in a novel twist to feed-in tariffs elsewhere, to qualify for the tariff the producer must also use solar DHW.

Degression on the tariff of 5 percent begins in 2010

In another departure from previous Greek tariffs, the tariff will be paid for 25 years and not 20 years as in the program announced earlier in 2009.

Unlike many timid solar PV programs in the USA, there is no cap on the program.

Installations are also exempt from the Value Added Tax.