Germany Installed 1,150 MW of Photovoltaics in 2006 Says Magazine

By Paul Gipe


Photon magazine is reporting that 1,150 MW of solar photovoltaics were installed in Germany in 2006. If confirmed this another world record for the German solar industry and the first time that annual installations in any one country exceeded the gigawatt level.

The Germany solar industry association (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft) reports that 750 MW was installed last year, itself a world record.

Photon magazine surveys manufacturers and suppliers to produce its estimates. In 2006 Photo disputed the official statistics provided by the solar industry association for the year 2005. Since then the solar industry association and the government have revised their statistics upward to closer match those of the magazine survey.

If confirmed, Photon’s statistics indicate that Germans added 1 TWh of new generation from photovoltaics in one year based on average yields across the country.