FloDesign Ogin Ducted Wind Turbine at Deer Island Coming Down

By Paul Gipe

FloDesign’s prototype ducted wind turbine on Deer Island in Boston Harbor is being removed, according the agency that operates the nearby sewage treatment plant.

FloDesign prototype on Deer Island, Massachusetts. Copyright by Ewan O'Sullivan. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

FloDesign, the developer of the Diffuser-Augmented Wind Turbine, transferred rights to Ogin when the company tried to commercialize the concept.

No ducted wind turbine has ever been commercially successful.

Ogin’s prototype turbines installed in the San Gorgonio Pass have all been removed. There has been no word on the last remaining prototype installed in the Antelope Valley.

The design of the wind turbine in the Antelope Valley and those installed near Palm Springs all departed substantially from the prototype on Deer Island except for the use of a large diffuser or shroud around the wind turbine.

The turbine on Deer Island, inoperative for several years, used lobed mixed ejectors in its shroud. The later turbines did not.

FloDesign’s proposal revolutionary new wind turbine arrived in a blaze of media hype in 2008. The extravagant claims by FloDesign for its new wind turbine were not unlike much less well-funded novel wind turbines of the period.

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