FIT for the Future: Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) and their application in the United States

By Paul Gipe


The FIT for the Future strategy workshop was held March 2, 2008 in Washington DC prior to the massive Washington International Renewable Energy Conference. The workshop was sponsored by Worldwatch Institute, Heinrich Böll Foundation, and the World Future Council.

The workshop brought together some 70 advocates of feed laws in North America, including several legislative leaders. Michigan state representative Kathleen Law joined her colleagues from Minnesota, Representative David Bly and Representative Aaron Peterson, and former commissioner John Geesman of the California Energy Commission as well as activists from Canada and across the United States.

The workshop was organized by Bianca Barth and Miguel Mendonça of the World Future Council with Janet Sawin of Worldwatch Institute.

To gauge the level of enthusiasm, one wag noted that getting a group of that caliber together early on a Sunday morning in Washington, DC said a lot.

Our thanks to the sponsors and the organizers for making the event possible.

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