First Use of JDapter Stub for Tesla Destination Charger to Chevy Bolt

By Paul Gipe

In short, it worked as advertised. For us this opens up trips to hotels and motels throughout California that were once restricted to Teslas only.

We’ve been road tripping with an electric vehicle for the past four years, first with a Nissan Leaf and now with a Chevy Bolt. We made the limited range Leaf work for us in trips from Bakersfield to all points on the compass. Sometimes these trips required hours sitting in an RV Park while our Leaf charged. In each case we were limited to the J1772 level two, where available, or our own mobile charge cable. Occasionally, we were lucky enough to find a DCFC station.

Unfortunately, we could never take advantage of the many Tesla destination chargers installed in California. That’s all changed with Quick Charge Power’s JDapter Stub (Tesla Destination Charge Station Adaptor). We have the 40-amp base model that’s suitable for Chevy’s Bolt and Nissan’s Leaf.

This past week we drove to Santa Cruz, a 270-mile trip from Bakersfield. We chose to stay at a Holiday Inn Express on Ocean Street because it advertised that it had two Tesla destination chargers on None of the hotels we looked at had a J1772 EVSE. The choice was simple: Find a Tesla destination charger and charge overnight or spend our limited vacation time at a DCFC station.

While Tesla has begun installing a J1772 EVSE when they install their destination chargers, many of the early locations only have Tesla EVSEs. That was the case in Santa Cruz.

The JDapter Stub has a female receptacle for the Tesla plug, a short length of cable, and a J1772 plug on the other end. Simply push the Tesla plug into the female receptacle and insert the J1772 plug into your vehicle. The Tesla wall charger runs through its diagnostics, closes its contactor, and begins charging the vehicle just like any J1772 EVSE.

Both the female receptacle and Quick Charge Power’s J1772 plug are a tight fit. Don’t despair if they take some effort to unplug. They will unplug, but they may take more force than you’re accustomed to using.

Technically, the adapter will work with the Tesla UMC, Tesla Mobile Connector, Tesla HPWC, and Tesla Wall Connector. They WILL NOT WORK WITH TESLA SUPERCHARGERs! (I put that in all caps because I’ve had people contact me wanting to use the JDapter Stub at a Supercharger station. Yep. You can’t make this stuff up. I don’t know what would happen but I suspect that Tesla’s diagnostics would signal a mismatch and not connect. But I don’t know for sure and I am not about to test it myself.)

The JDapter Stub costs ~$250 plus shipping. Like the Jesla mobile charge cable from Quick Charge Power, we find the JDapter Stub is good value for the money. Product quality is excellent and Quick Charge Power is prompt in servicing customer accounts. We consider it an investment in driving electric. We are not going back to a gasser. The JDapter Stub has become an essential part of the gear we carry on a road trip.

We hope to use the adapter again in a few weeks in an ambitious drive to Toulumne Meadows via Mammoth Lakes where our hotel again has a Tesla destination charger and no J1772.

Disclosure: We paid full retail price for all products mentioned.