EV Trip Planners and Trip Summaries with Chevy Bolt

By Paul Gipe

I previously reported on my experience using three different EV trip planners. See Energy Consumption Estimators, Trip Planners, and the Chevy Bolt EV. Since then I’ve been experimenting with A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) and we’ve driven several new routes and revisited several destinations we’d driven to before. Consequently, I’ve updated my trip summaries to include estimates from ABRP and added summaries from the new routes.

Note that planning a trip is different from driving a route. You can program your specific destination but you may not drive there directly for a host of reasons. I try to adjust these summaries to reflect the actual routes we’ve taken. Nevertheless, I make no assertions about the accuracy of these tables. There’s a lot of data here, and the discrepancy between the estimators and our actual consumption doesn’t always make sense.

Further, the real world includes rain, temperature, and wind. The estimators often include adjustments for these factors. However, I seldom try to account for these factors when estimating a trip. My raw notes do include the percentage of the charge devoted to battery conditioning and to cabin conditioning and whether we encountered rain or strong winds. I haven’t added that here. There’s already a surfeit of information.

The data below can be downloaded from Bolt Combined Trips 2018.xls. Note that I don’t work in xls and the conversion to xls is not 100%.