EV Express DCFC Stations Over Tejon Pass Driver Alert

By Paul Gipe

Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) over the Tejon Pass on I-5 that plan to use two new DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) should have contingency plans. Depending upon the vehicle they are driving, they may encounter problems with the charge stations.

This is a brief update of my article New Network of Fast Chargers in Southern San Joaquin Valley that describes two new CHAdeMO chargers: one at Gorman, the other at Castaic. US Green Vehicle Council has installed these two stations as part of the EV Express network.

John Rowell reports that his Mitsubishi iMiev failed to charge at the Gorman station on a recent trip to Los Angeles. While EV Express tried to assist him they advised him to proceed to the next station in Castaic. He didn’t make it and had to be towed back to Lebec where he was able to charge at the Shorepower terminals.

This is the second reported instance of a vehicle that failing to charge at an EV Express CHAdeMO station had to be towed. A Kia Soul failed to charge at Santa Nella and had to be towed to Gilroy.

We had no problems charging our Leaf twice at the Gorman station and once at the Castaic station.

There are no Level 2 stations at either location. Drivers should take this into account.

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