EV Charging Apps 2023

By Paul Gipe

The world of DC Fast Charging is changing rapidly. There are a dozen or more networks that provided DC Fast Charging stations across North America in 2023. Teslas vehicles primarily use Tesla’s Supercharger stations. Non-Tesla vehicles using CCS connectors primarily use non-Tesla stations.

For most drivers in the USA, the following networks provide the most coverage nationally. Francis Energy is primarily in the heartland, but expanding rapidly. Electrify America is the big boy with the most stations across both the USA and Canada.

If you’re a new EV driver of a non-Tesla vehicle, at a minimum you want to sign up with these four networks. Tesla is now opening its network to non-Tesla vehicles with CCS connectors. Download their apps, and get the networks RFID cards if they have them. The state of play in 2023 is that you may need to use the app on your phone, an RFID card, or a credit card to get a charge. It’s best to be prepared when you’re on the road.

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