Elettricità dal Vento

Franco Muzzio Editore, an imprint of Editori Riuniti, has published an Italian translation of Wind Energy Basics, a book on small and household-size wind turbines.

Elettricità al vento: Impianti di piccola scala is now available in 300 bookstores throughout Italy, says Giuseppe Onufrio, editor of renewable energy titles for the Italian publisher.

Wind Energy Basics was published in 1999 by small New England press Chelsea Green. Subsequently the book was translated into Spanish and published in 2000 as Energía Eólica Práctica by Progensa in Seville, Spain.

Translated by Emanuela Fantini Perullo, Elettricità dal vento is among only a handful of Italian titles on the subject of wind energy.

Roberto Vigotti of Italian utility giant Enel acted as technical consultant. Vigotti heads Enel’s GreenPower division which is responsible for the company’s renewable energy projects. EnelGreenPower has developed its own household-size wind turbine, the MiniWind E-20, that it plans to use at rural Italian sites.

Editor Giuseppe Onufrio is the director of Istituto Svilluppo Sostenible Italia (ISSI), the Italian Institute for Sustainable Development. Onufrio says he chose Wind Energy Basics for translation into Italian because the book contains “very practical information that is easy to understand.”

The new book is the second in a series of titles on renewable energy and sustainable develpment that Franco Muzzio Editore plans to publish. Like its American counterpart, Chelsea Green, Franco Muzzio Editore publishes books on gardening, architecture, and regional foods, as well as on renewable energy.

Elettricità dal vento is illustrated with more than 100 charts, line drawings, exploded views, and photographs of small wind turbines from the Patagonian steppes to the wind-swept shores of Denmark.

Mick Sagrillo, a guru on small wind turbines in Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula, is quoted in the new book as saying he is a proponent of “la scuola del metallo pesante”, or the “heavy metal school” of small wind turbine design. According to Sagrillo, whose grandfather migrated from northern Italy after World War I, heavier, more massive turbines are more robust and survive longer than lightweight machines.

Elettricità dal vento: Impianti di piccola scala
ISBN 88-7413-016-3, 166 pages, 17.1 x 24.1 cm, softcover
March 2002, 16.5 €
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ph: +39 06 6889951; fax: +39 06 6868696
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