Electric Auto Association Petitions for Mammoth Lakes Public Chargers

By Paul Gipe

Raejean Fellows, president of the Electric Auto Association, has begun a petition calling on the Mammoth Lakes ski resort to install public EV charging for its non-Tesla customers driving electric.

The petition, Help Mammoth Lakes get Non-Tesla Charging Installed, can be found on the web site of Change.org.

There is a Tesla supercharger station in Mammoth Lakes and four resort hotels have Tesla destination chargers. The hotels also have J1772 EVSEs for non-Tesla vehicles. However, the charge stations are reserved for hotel customers only.


There are no public charge stations, either J1772, or DC fast chargers, for non-Tesla vehicles in Mammoth Lakes, or anywhere else on US 395 from Mojave, California to Bridgeport. Effectively, the region east of the Sierra Nevada is a charging desert for non-Tesla EVs.

Fellows added, “I, along with the Board of Directors, encourage your taking active steps to increase charging infrastructure where you see it is needed.”

The Electric Auto Association was founded in 1967 and is an advocate for EVs in North America. It has 80 chapters in the USA and Canada.