Developing Wind Power Projects: Theory and Practice by Tore Wizelius

By Paul Gipe

Long-time wind energy advocate Tore Wizelius is one of the Swedish pioneers of the technology. Finally his thoughtful book on wind energy and its integration into communities is now available to Anglophones.

Everyone who writes a book on the broad subject of wind energy brings something unique to the task. Wizelius offers fresh insights on the role of wind energy, it’s potential, it real and imagined impacts, and how best to integrate the technology into the social fabric of communities.

As in Denmark, wind energy in Sweden wasn’t developed by the government, nor by giant electric utilities, it was developed with the sweat of activists and advocates working in groups across the country-it still is. Wizelius was one of those who made it happen. As we say in the Western USA, Wizelius has earned his spurs. His book is a reflection not only on the technology but the process of how wind energy can spring from the communities where it will used.

Developing Wind Power Projects: Theory and Practice by Tore Wizelius, Earthscan Publications, London, October, 2006, 296 pages, ISBN 1844072622, US$69.95,