Denny’s Tehachapi ChargePoint DCFC Activity–Finally

By Paul Gipe

Denny’s on Hwy 58 in Tehachapi has been slated for a ChargePoint DCFC station for some time. As of two weeks ago there was no sign of activity. Today there was a chain-link fence closing off a portion of the parking lot nearest Magellan Drive. A port-a-potty had also been dropped off.

The ChargePoint station in Tehachapi is part of the CEC’s GFO-15-603 for Interregional Corridors.

As of one week ago there was no sign of activity at the Denny’s in Mojave or the nearby Best Western. This location is slated for an EV Connect station as part of the same CEC program.

There was no activity on the proposed ChargePoint station at the Comanche Road Shell and Hwy 58 near Bakersfield.

ChargePoint also has a proposed station at Robber’s Roost in Inyokern on Hwy 14 as well.