Curse of Honeywell Windtronics Keeps on Giving

By Paul Gipe

Let this be a warning to you skeptics, critics, and debunkers of new-fangled wind turbine flim flam. It will come home to haunt you. Are you listening Mick Sagrillo?

In particular, the curse of Honeywell’s Windtronics continues to stalk me across the land.

Today I received another of those, “Can you help me? I bought a Honeywell Windtronics and it doesn’t work” calls. This time it was for the software protocol—as if

1. I knew anything about this,

2. And if I did, this would somehow make it all work.

Seems like no one took the time to read my critiques before they bought the things, but now there’s plenty of time to search the Web for free help.

Therein is where the curse just keeps on giving. Type in Honeywell Windtronics and what pops up? Me and my pages devoted to the hustle that was Windtronics.

I’ve been writing about the Honeywell Windtronics device—and apparently misspelling it–for nearly eight years.

Google still lists a few links to videos and glowing press accounts about this device—I can’t in good faith call it a wind turbine—though my pages are at the top of the list. So if you want to know something about this device and its defunct company who do you contact, yep, me.