Community Wind: Margam Wind Energy Clusters

By Paul Gipe

Margam Wind Energy Clusters

Appeal Ref: APP/Y6930/A/02/1103415
Appeal of Community Power
Proof of Evidence by Paul Gipe

Scale of Turbine

The Vestas V52 turbine selected is modest in scale relative to wind turbines twice its size now being installed on the continent and in North America, and more in keeping with the scale of the South Wales landscape.

Scale of Cluster

The cluster of 11 turbines proposed is modest in scale, in keeping with the small holdings, small farms, and villages of the Welsh countryside.

Scale of Project

The scale and number of the turbines will not overwhelm the landscape. The project is a cluster of wind turbines on the landscape, and not a wind turbine landscape like that seen in parts of the United States.

Turbine Design

The V52 turbine selected has one of the more pleasing nacelle designs of the wind turbines on the international market. The nacelle, rotor, and nose cone (spinner) form a harmonious whole. For the Welsh countryside, the tapered, tubular tower selected is aesthetically superior to all other tower choices, especially the stepped conical towers and lattice towers sometimes used elsewhere. The proponent has wisely chosen to eliminate all logos or other corporate symbols on the turbines and their towers. The turbines will perform their function elegantly, without artifice.


Commendably, the proponent has proposed that the tower plunge directly into the earth. The proponent proposes to revegetate disturbed soil to the base of the tower and submerge the foundation to below plough depth. In this way, the turbine and tower appear to spring forth organically from the earth like other natural features.