Community College Wind Power Teaching Support Materials Exchange

By Paul Gipe

Nearly 100 North American community colleges and universities are using or have used my book Wind Power for their programs on wind energy. Professors in these programs have approached me and my publishers for additional course materials.

While we have no specific course materials at this time, we would like to offer programs and their instructors a common space for sharing materials across Canada and the USA.

We would like to invite instructors to submit their course materials that they believe would be of use to others in teaching a course or courses on wind energy. Simply send them to me at and I’ll post them to my web site.

For this to work effectively, please understand that materials submitted will fall under the creative commons copyright, that is, everyone will be allowed to use the material equally as long as it is not use for commercial purposes.

The materials that we’re seeking and that may be of use to instructors are

  • Powerpoint slides based on the book,
  • Class assignments,
  • Exam questions,
  • Exercises,
  • Links to additional materials on or other web sites, and
  • Links to videos or other audio-visual materials.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this “exchange” of course materials, please contact me or my publisher.

Paul Gipe Wind 101 Slides

The following Powerpoint files are used in my day-long workshop that has been described as “Wind 101”. I am posting the files here for users of Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business. While I am posting them to the public pages of my web sited, I retain copyright on the materials and on the photographs. Because of the large file size, I’ve broken the presentations into several parts.

  • Unit01 Overview-01.ppt
  • Unit01 Overview-02.ppt
  • Unit01 Overview-03.ppt
  • Unit02Aesthetics-01.ppt
  • Unit02Aesthetics-02.ppt
  • Unit03Introduction.ppt
  • Unit04Fundamentals-01.ppt
  • Unit04Fundamentals-02.ppt
  • Unit05Technology-01.ppt
  • Unit05Technology-02.ppt
  • Unit06Technology-01.ppt
  • Unit06Technology-02.ppt
  • Unit07SmallTurbines.ppt
  • Unit08Compatible.ppt


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