Cologne VAWT Update–Still Not Working and Still Not Removed

By Paul Gipe

Thilo Wirth was working in the LVR building the Cologne district of Köln-Deutz and sent me his cell-phone picture of the Clean VerTec wind turbine on the roof.

Wirth is a relative and we’ve toured Cologne and took a trip on the Rhine with him a few years ago. I captured a few photos of this vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) at the time. See my 10 June 2019 post Cologne VAWT Captured on Grainy Cell Phone Pics.

Yesterday Wirth confirmed that the VAWT still doesn’t work and has not been removed–a continuing monument to hubris and ignorance.

I first wrote about this “device” 1 July 2013 in Mein Gott! Costly VAWT Installed on Cologne High-Rise.

Wirth’s photo is far superior to mine so I am posting it here.

Let’s hope the next time I post an update on this topic it’s to report that the turbine has been finally removed and appropriately recycled.