Cleveland’s Icebreaker — Falling Down or Starting Up?

By Sarah Taylor

The judgement by the Ohio Power Siting Board, on the Icebreaker project proposed for Lake Erie, was announced on May 21st. In Paragraph 37 of this document can be seen this statement:
“Those opposing construction include the Black Swamp Bird Observatory and the American Bird Conservancy, who testified about the project’s effects on the safety of birds and bats (Nov. 8, 2017 Tr. at 79).”

However, these two organizations have already been exposed as deceptive.

The OPSB’s unanimous vote of approval, on May 21st, was obviously deceitful, as it included a provision that would demand limitations on the amount of wind power that the project could produce on a daily basis – making it economically unviable.

The OPSB had tried stalling the project in the past, by stipulating completely unnecessary studies, without success. This time, the OPSB’s manipulative procedure suggests that we have been forced to come to a full stop with this project. 
However, I believe that we will foil them again. The key is surely to begin the installation process. Working with those companies that have been involved in the proposed design and construction of the foundation bases, and with the cable laying, will presumably be the exciting first step.

Once those initial moves are made, public interest and a groundswell of support will surely rapidly build. Ohio will become the site of a brand new, environmentally favorable, form of power production! Our state will be a leader – and not a loser – in our nation. Contrived attempted blockages, to be implemented only after the turbines are erected, will be pushed aside.

I think it will be virtually impossible to slow down, or stop, the development of the Icebreaker project, once it starts to grow. History has shown that, around the world, new and inventive constructions have dramatically gained public enthusiasm as they begin to appear. The building of the Eiffel Tower in Paris provides a perfect example! Icebreaker will surely be no exception.