Chevy Bolt: How to determine if the Battery has been replaced

By Paul Gipe

If you’re buying a used Bolt EV from a Chevy dealer, they should tell you if it’s a new battery or not. You can, however, check yourself.

From Reddit

“A Chevy service advisor can pull the service history on any Bolt EV. . . If the Bolt is for sale at a dealer, you can ask for a copy of the service history.”

You can lay down on the ground or stoop down with your cell phone and take a picture of the sticker on the battery.

From Reddit

“Find the gap between the front and back door, goe straight down and back a little bit. Bring a flashlight though it’s dark down there.”

This is the sticker on our new battery. Ours is a new replacement battery and the range on it has been superb.