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Tristan Edis, an analyst with the consultants Green Energy Markets, said the lesson for those watching on was pretty simple: the generous early subsidies worked. “It really was this fortuitous accident that happened,” he said. “The message from it is pretty clear: go hard and go big, or don’t bother.”

A new report from ESCOSA indicates South Australian solar owners had access to a wide range of feed-in tariff offers and generally had access to the same best-priced electricity plans as non-solar customers in 2019-20.

In recent weeks, the issue of rooftop solar exports has raised its head. Last week, a webinar hosted by PV advocacy group Solar Citizens presented a view, which was reported in RenewEconomy, that charging solar households to export their excess generation to the grid was unfair and unnecessary.

The company said feed-in tariffs for residential customers in Queensland, NSW and South Australia will rise by between 77 and 140 percent as wholesale power price rises are set to inflate power bills across those states.

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