Earlier, qualified solar developers, specifically those in the 500-MW target installation, have been demanding the government to include the 390-MW excess capacity in the solar FIT to which they were supposed to receive only a P8.69 per kWh fixed rate for 25 years.

The Philippines attracted thousands of megawatts of renewable energy projects shortly after the passage of the Renewable Energy Act of 2001 but the concerns have been raised on the future of RE without the new feed-in tariff rates.

In a position paper, Vestas said the development of renewable energy, particularly wind and solar, is nearly at a standstill in the near-term due to the current policy vacuum, which follows the full allocation of the first two rounds of feed-in tariff (FIT) and the freeze of an expected third round of FIT.

A final “death sentence” had been rendered by Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi on any next round of feed-in-tariff (FIT) that is planned for fresh round of solar technology installations in the country.

n a two-page resolution signed by the ERC commissioners on January 24, but was made public only on Tuesday, the degressed FiT rates for January to December 2017 hydro and biomass plants with commercial operations within the year are P5.8705 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) and P6.5969 per kWh, respectively.

THE Confederation of Solar Developers of the Philippines is pushing for a new concept in lieu of a third round of feedin tariff to support the sector, an industry official said over the weekend.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi is not inclined to a third round of feed-in tariff to ease the burden of consumers from high electricity rates.

According to Yunus, the prices will be set using a sliding scale scheme. The tariffs are based on the potential of each work area, ranging from 5 MW to 250 MW, with the selling price starting at $0.14/ kWh.

With an appropriately structured feed-in tariff rate that will provide guaranteed payment to investors through a universal charge, these acidic and lower enthalpy resources can be developed to generate electricity.