Establish a Feed-In-Tariff mechanism to pay for the energy (MWh) produced by Solar systems. Price to be paid for solar energy production covers debt service, operating expenses and a reasonable, risk-adjusted return on investment. . . Pay enough, but don’t overpay. Follow the proven principles from the German Feed-In Tariff regime–transparency, longevity and certainty.

Market design can be improved by increasing the size of the market, and making financing easier for customers. In Germany, a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) supports a large, robust and highly competitive solar market. In this market design PV systems feed
their energy into the grid, the utility buys it, and the PV owners earn bond like returns on their investment.

Requires establishment of program under which electric companies must purchase electricity from distributed generation facilities under standard offer contracts. This program builds on the successful solar pilot program authorized under ORS 757.365, extending the framework to other market-ready renewable energy technologies. . .

A one-day lottery process will be used for the April 1, 2013, enrollment window for customers of Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp and Idaho Power. Customers will participate in the lottery for both Small-scale systems not exceed 10 kW, and Medium-scale systems no less than 10kW and no
greater than 100kW. . .

A two-year report on the pilot program launched in 2010 to create a solar incentive where utilities pay panel owners for the power they generate indicates that the program is viable and coexists well with other available incentives for homeowners and businesses looking to go solar. . .

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