Capacity of 2020 Chevy Bolt with New Battery after 11,500 Miles

By Paul Gipe

Since my previous report on the capacity of our replacement battery we’ve doubled the number of miles driven.

Previously, I reported on the capacity of the replacement battery after 6,500 miles. (See Capacity of 2020 Chevy Bolt with New 2022 Battery after 6500 Miles.) We’ve now put 11,500 miles on the pack.

Though the pack has shown a slight if not steady decline since it was installed, the total degradation hasn’t changed much since my last analysis: 5% to 7% decline from new.

Here’s what it looked like after 6,500 miles.

2020 Cheby Bolt Capacity after 6500 miles

Here’s what it looks like after 11,500 miles.

2020 Bolt with new battery after 11000 miles

Currently, Torque Pro is showing Bat Cap Est of 58 kWh and Bat Cap Raw Ah of 181.

However, the kWh capacity estimated from actually driving the car shows we still have ~60 kWh. This is less than that of the original 2020 battery at the same mileage, but about the same as that in the 2017 battery at the same mileage in our previous Bolt.

We recently underwent the software recall and as we expected it did not limit our charging. (see Chevy Bolt 30,000 Mile Service: $12.) The dealer charged the car to 100% before releasing it to us.

The slight loss in battery capacity after 14 months and 11,500 miles driven doesn’t affect how we use the car or our satisfaction with the Bolt and the battery replacement. The car works for us and we recommend the Bolt to our friends as the best value in the EV marketplace.