CalTrans 30-30 DCFC Program on the East Side of California’s Sierra Nevada Completion in mid 2019

By Paul Gipe

I just spoke to CalTrans District 9 office about the status of the DCFC stations scheduled for the East Side of California’s Sierra Nevada.

There are stations proposed for CalTrans’ district office in Bishop, and the safety rest areas at Division Creek and Coso Junction on US Hwy 395.

The stations will go out to bid in early September and they have until June 2019 for completion. Consequently, they will miss this travel season and possibly part of the 2019 travel season.

There are currently no DC Fast Charge stations on the East Side. Nor are there any J1772 Level 2 stations from Mojave to Yosemite. None, nada, zip.

There are several Tesla destination chargers in Mammoth at various resorts. These are reserved for guests of the resorts. There are also Tesla Superchargers at Mojave, Inyokern, Lone Pine, and Mammoth.

There are two NEMA 14-50 outlets in Independence and one near Lone Pine. I can vouch for the NEMA 14-50 outlet at the Independence Inn. However, there have been no check-ins on PlugShare for the NEMA 14-50 at the Boulder Creek Resort south of Lone Pine.

There has been a check-in for the NEMA 14-50 at the Highland RV park in Bishop as late as May 2017, but nothing more recent.

At present, there’s a charging desert from Mojave to Independence and it has been so since the dawn of modern EVs.

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