BMU on the Potential of Renewable Energy in Germany: PV and Onshore Wind 100 TWh Each

By Paul Gipe


In 2008 Germany produced 15% of its electricity with renewables. The German government estimates that it can supply 92% of its electricity from renewables in the future.

Of the 93 TWh or renewable electricity generated in Germany in 2008, 72 TWh, or nearly 80%, was the result of the EEG, Germany’s system of Advanced Renewable Tariffs.

The German Ministry of the Environment (BMU) estimates that there is 115,000 MW of PV capacity available capable of generating 105 TWh per yr. This is almost as much as onshore wind.

There is the potential of 45,000 MW of onshore wind, half of which has already been installed. There is another 35,000 MW of offshore wind. Together, these two sources could generate 235 TWh per year.

Geothermal has an untapped potential of 25,000 MW capable of 150 TWh per year.