Basic Feed-in Tariff in Iran

By Paul Gipe


The Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SUNA) within the Ministry of Energy announced recently that a simple feed-in tariff was launched in late 2008. The program may be the first of its kind in the Persian Gulf.

According to Reza Hashemi, the tariffs are not differentiated by technology but by the time of day of generation: Peak and medium loads, Low loads. Nor are the tariffs fixed for more than one year. The tariffs vary annually.

The tariff during peak and medium load, which occur twenty hours per day, is comparable to that in Europe and Ontario: Euro 0.931/kWh, $0.148 CAD/kWh, $0.127 USD/kWh. The tariff during off peak is Euro 0.645/kWh, $0.102 CAD/kWh, $0.088/kWh.

The tariffs are set annually.