Bakersfield to Fresno in a Chevy Bolt: 63 kWh Over 240 Miles

By Paul Gipe

My friend Gordon Nipp drove to Fresno from Bakersfield in his Bolt.

The roundtrip distance of 240 miles is just beyond the official EPA range of 238 miles for the Bolt so Nipp charged 45 minutes at the EVgo station in Selma. He added 22 kWh to the traction battery.

It was good that he did. He arrived home after consuming 63 kWh, 3 kWh more than the 60 kWh rating of the Bolt’s battery.

Nipp averaged 3.8 mi/kWh at freeway speeds. 

His consumption was well within estimates from EV Trip Planner and Chevy’s Energy Assist but outside estimates by GreenRace.