Bakersfield First Urban Public Charge Station Nearing Completion

By Paul Gipe

Bakersfield’s first urban public charge stations are nearing completion. The four stations at Bakersfield Community College’s Weill Institute are located in downtown. The pedestals for the SemaConnect Level 2 EVSEs are in place. All that’s missing is the EVSEs themselves. According to the security officer on site they should be operation sometime in late August.

Additional EVSEs will be installed at the Amtrak station.

Bakersfield still has no public DC Fast Charge station that can serve both CCS and CHAdeMO systems. For the moment, the only CHAdeMO–or quick charge station of any kind–in Bakersfield is at the Nissan dealer. It is the only fast charge station between Visalia, also a Nissan dealer, and Santa Clarita.