AWEA Uses Photos from Gipe Collection

By Paul Gipe

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to say about the American Wind Energy Association.

To my surprise AWEA published a few photos from my collection in their recent calendar. One is of a worker fabricating a blade section at the Budd plant near Philadelphia in the 1940s. The photos is part of Carl Wilcox’s archive from the 1.25 MW Smith-Putnam turbine. Some of the collection is listed on this web site where researchers can gain access to them. This is the first time AWEA has used them.

Another photo is by Paul White, now a veteran of the American wind industry. White’s photos shows me servicing Ed Wulf’s Bergey turbine in the Tehachapi Pass sometime in the 1990s. Since that photo was taken, he bequeathed his property across Tehachapi-Willow Springs to me and I’ve used it as a test site for micro turbines.