AutoBleue–Electric Vehicle Car Sharing in Nice, France

By Paul Gipe

While Nancy and I were guided around Nice, France by our colleague and good friend Bernard Chabot last week, we stumbled across this Peugeot Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

The EV is part of a car sharing service Auto Bleue. Voiture Zen is the service that requires returning the car to its point of origin. Voiture Flex is the one-way service.

There are three reserved parking spaces–it’s a tow-away zone–noted on the sign and marked on the pavement. In this photo there are two charge pedestals with their own charge cables.

The car is a Peugeot iOn, Peugot’s version of the Mitsubishi MiEV.

Auto Blue’s sophisticated web site tells you the location of the cars, the type of car, and it’s charge level.

This location and all the other Auto Bleue locations in Nice were not visible on Only the DCFC stations were listed, probably as a part of the Nissan dealerships in France.

Auto Bleue is similar if not identical to the Blue Indy car sharing program in Indianapolis, Indiana.