Answers to Questions about Leasing a Chevy Bolt Spring 2020

By Paul Gipe

The following are short answers to a list of questions raised by a group here in Bakersfield for a Zoom video conference call.

The background for some of the topics should be evident. We’re in the midst of a state-wide lockdown or quarantine because of the coronavirus. The group wants to proceed in moving to EVs but also wants to maintain their social distance.

Bolt Test Drive?

           You can test drive our Bolt to Hart Park and back. Bring your own HazMat suit. (That’s a joke. I’ll wipe down the touched surfaces after each user.)

Colors & Interiors?

           View on-line, not in store.

When to Buy?

           Not now. Honor the quarantine. This spring, yes. GM is already offering substantial discounts.

Lease Period?

           Three years–no less to get subsidies!!!!

Lease Miles?

           10,000 mi/yr, 12,000 mi/yr, or other

 Lease Down?

           $0, or close to it

License & Fees?

           Include in per month payment–“all in”

Lease Cost?

           Total cost only!

           $ down + 36 months x per month

Document Signing?

           In person (Three-Way)

           Remotely by FedEx (This works, see my article about leasing the Leaf.)


           Get at least three electronic quotes–and up to six.

           Antelope Valley, Bakersfield, LA, San Franisco