Another Poorly Sited Hoosier VAWT Vying for Worst Turbine Install

By Paul Gipe

Hoosiers have definitely drunk the cool-aid. Worse, it’s another example of architectural greenwashing.

According local press reports the Nature Conservancy has installed the “crown jewel” of its new state headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The “crown jewel”? Seriously? Three poorly sited VAWTs on short towers in front of the building?

I recently visited the site to confirm for myself the news reports describing the installation. And yes, it was all nicely done with a beautiful flower garden in bloom and the “wind turbines” turning gently.

Indianapolis architects are trying to take the world’s record for most number of poorly installed wind turbines.

The news report says the turbines “might not” generate 8,000 kWh per year at the site. That’s an understatement. They’ll be likely to generate enough electricity to compensate for the electricity consumed by the inverter.

More realistically, the turbines will consume more electricity than they will generate.

The three turbines cost $30,000. Yes, that’s what it says. $30,000 to show that poorly sited VAWTs installed at ground level next to the wall of the Conservancy building will not generate any usable electricity.

And as elsewhere, the Nature Conservancy’s architects added the wind turbines as bling to win LEED Platinum points that the Conservancy can brag about to its peers.

We’ll need to start a new award: Greatest greenwash of the year award. Indianapolis’ entrants will be at the top of the list.