American Energy Independence through Cooperative Investment in Wind Energy

By Mike Kendall

The following is a response to an article written by Paul Gipe in July 2005 titled Beating Swords into Wind Turbines-or Solar Panels if You Like that argued if an equivalent amount of money had been invested in renewable energy as spent on the Iraq war the United States could now provide 1-12% of the country’s total electrical consumption.

Borrowing Paul Gipe’s calculations but using a different scenario, with 300 million Americans, it would only take contributions from every citizen of $2,000 per for 3 to 4 years before America would be completely energy independent, using wind energy and other forms of alternative energy.

Just after WWII, the Japanese Prime Minister urged his countrymen to use sugar sparingly. At the time, the Japanese imported all their sugar. He suggested that if his countrymen would use just 1 spoon of sugar less than then being used, the war-ravaged country could pull itself out of their post-war economic depression. The Japanese did just that by joining together in a national effort, and they were successful at reducing their imports of sugar.

I was in Europe watching FOX news when Katrina hit and saw on TV lines of SUV’s with trailers and airboats coming from out of state to help the hurricane’s victims. This was an example of what is best in America: Americans helping each other in times of need. This is why I am proud to be an American.

I, as an American, would happily invest as much as I could save comfortably into such a similar endeavor to help us get our wind farms in production around the country now. The only problem is that how could I invest 1 thousand dollars and then in a couple of months another thousand and in a few months another?

When I look on the Internet I see no cooperative wind energy farm in the United States. Maybe that is what America really needs right now is some decent advertising, for example via the Internet, so that some sort of cooperative organizations could be started either for profit or not for profit. It would even be better if they were using American- wind turbines. That would make me even more excited to contribute. I am not interested in buying stock in wind turbine companies. Instead, I am interested in contributing, via small amounts of money as an investment, directly into wind farms that will go into production. I am certain there are Americans all across the country that feel the same as me.

As an individual, I don’t think I can make much of a difference, but as part of a larger group I know I could. If you would like to help, send me an email, post a message to Paul Gipe, or contact you local representative or senator and ask for the creation of National Cooperative Renewable Energy Investment Fund.

Mike Kendall

Electronic Technician Chief, USN
(with 25 years of service to his country)