Algerian Feed-in Tariff Decree 2004

By Paul Gipe

The Algerian government instituted a feed-in tariff in the spring of 2004. The policy appears modeled after that used in Spain at the time.

The tariffs are differentiated by technology and importantly include Concentration Solar Power (CSP).

The tariffs based on a percentage of the retail price of electricity as in the original German Stromeinspeisungsgezt (StEG) and later used in Spain. Germany moved to its current system of prices independent of the retail price in the year 2000. Spain eventually followed suit in the late 2000s.

It appears that the tariffs are offered annually and that there is not a specific contract term.


  • Solar Thermal Electric, CSP: 200%;
  • Waste: 200%
  • Hydro: 100%
  • Wind: 300%
  • Solar, non CSP: 300%


For CSP, where the solar is only a portion of a plants generation, the tariff is reduced by the following amounts.

  • More than 25%: 200%
  • 20-25%: 180%
  • 15-20%: 160%
  • 10-15%: 140%
  • 5-10%: 100%
  • <5%: 0%


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My thanks to Toby Couture and Simon Coquillaud for their assistance.