Alan Simpson’s Insightful Views on Energy Policy and British Politics

By Paul Gipe

Alan Simpson, as he likes to say, is a ‘recovering politician and lapsed economist’. You can his find stinging critiques of energy policy, the lack thereof in Britain, and British politics in general at Alan Simpson–News from Somewhere Else.

Though he hopes his essays might still save the planet from sheer stupidity, there’s such an epidemic of it on both sides of the Atlantic to keep him busy for years to come.

I came across Simpson, a British Labour MP for Nottingham South from 1992 until 2010, when he was an outspoken voice opposing Tony Blair’s rush to war in Iraq, becoming national Chair of ‘Labour Against The War.’

Frustrated with Blair’s New Labour and its rightward drift, Simpson ultimately left parliament in order “to spend more time on politics.”

Simpson’s analysis of current events, British and otherwise, is always welcome when it’s thrown over my digital transom.

This Alan Simpson is not the former Republican Senator from Wyoming by the same name who a few days ago told Trump not to run again and called the current Republican Party a cult, though they both have biting commentary in common.

Here’s a sample of Simpson’s articles.