Air 403 Noise Measurements

By Paul Gipe

Air 403 Ambient Noise.

Noise Air 403 Ambient


Air 403 Noise. Linear regression trend and data for Air 403 charging a constant load. NREL’s Arlinda Huskey notes that the data suggests turbine noise begins to level off or heel over at wind speeds of about 22 mph (9.8 m/s). These samples reflect rotor noise and a “growl” from the alternator, not the more infamous blade flutter.

Air 403 Noise Charging


Air 403 Noise relative to corrected power. Same data as in previous chart except expressed as sea level power. Alternator “growl” becomes apparent at 100 watts. The Air 403 tested produces 400 W at a wind speed of 31 mph (13.8 m/s).

Air 403 Noise Charging by Power


Air 403 Summary.

Air 403 Noise Summary