Advanced Renewable Tariffs for North America

By Paul Gipe

October 6, 2010

Electricity Feed-in Tariffs (FITs), Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ARTs)—or, more simply, Renewable Tariffs—are the world’s single most successful renewable energy policy.  Renewable Tariffs have powered Germany, France, and Spain to the forefront of renewable energy development.

Renewable Tariffs not only encourage the rapid development of all forms of renewable energy, but also enable the development of distributed generation near the source of consumption, reducing the need for increased transmission.

Advanced Renewable Tariffs are also more equitable than any renewable policy currently in use in North America, enabling rich and poor alike to take part in the renewable energy revolution sweeping the globe.

Movement for ARTs in North America

There is a growing grass-roots movement for Advanced Renewable Tariffs in North America. Currently Ontario, Canada and Vermont have implemented programs similar to those in Europe. Renewable energy advocates in several other states and provinces are proposing aggressive programs that incorporate the best practices from Europe.

Where to Go For More Information

There is an extensive collection of articles on the subject of feed-in tariffs at The page is divided into several parts: general topics, details on Ontario’s program, specific country-by-country articles, elements of renewable tariff design, and model renewable tariff legislation. The page also lists links to other web sites discussing renewable tariffs.

Call for Action

Advanced Renewable Tariffs are moving toward the top of the public policy agenda in North America not only because they are a powerful tool in addressing climate change, but also because they can create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. If you would like to know more about the movement for Advanced Renewable Tariffs in North America, post a message to or visit the web site of the Alliance for Renewable Energy.

There’s no time to lose.