A Better Routeplanner Interview

By Paul Gipe

Flamboyant Dutch personality Vincent Everts interviews Jason Rapp at the Fully Charged Event in Austin, Texas., Jason is the American side of the duo that developed A Better Routeplanner (ABRP). Everts explores why Jason and his partner Bo developed the route planner and what makes them different from all the others. See Why Abetterrouterplanner is much better. How did Jason make it, future plans, business model & more.

Jason is an avionics specialist with mission control on the International Space Station. He’s clearly no slouch. ABRP is his side gig. Jason drives a Bolt, but the planner was originally developed for Tesla users in Sweden by Bo. Unlike some other planners, ABRP has data for Chevy’s Bolt as well as other non-Tesla vehicles.

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